Frequently Asked Questions

I was using Virtuoso Premium Cleaner on my vintage instrument which was very dirty. As I was rubbing, I noticed the cloth was turning the same color as my guitar. Am I going through the finish?

No, this is a common occurrence on older guitars with nitrocellulose lacquer finishes. (Unless your finish is worn through in areas). DO NOT USE VIRTUOSO PRODUCTS ON BARE WOOD OR UNPROTECTED PAINT OR STAIN! What you are seeing are the pigments that have worked their way up to the surface of your finish over the years. The process is not unlike what happens when ink runs on a piece of paper.

Nitrocellulose lacquer is a porous material, which will allow very small amounts of pigment through. These pigments lie between the top of the finish and the layer of built up wax or polish. When this layer is removed with Virtuoso Premium Cleaner it takes the pigment with it and transfers it to the cloth you are using. Once you have the finish completely clean you can apply the Cleaner again and it will not pick up the pigment.

What happens if I let Virtuoso Premium Polish or Virtuoso Premium Cleaner dry on my guitar before I remove it?

Nothing. If there is a lot of grime built up and the Cleaner is attacking it when it dries, you may have to try 2 applications of Virtuoso Premium Cleaner before the finish is completely clean. Once it is clean you can apply Virtuoso Premium Polish and have the best shine your instrument has ever had.

Can your products be used on satin finishes?

Our products are NOT recommended for satin finishes. Most manufactures recommend using just a clean damp cloth to clean the satin finish.

Are your products safe to use on a French Polish?

For the French Polish, we recommend using the Virtuoso Premium Cleaner only. Word of caution: always be very gentle when applying pressure to an instrument with a French Polish finish as it is very fragile and thin. Make sure you only use on an instrument that have had a least a year to cure.

Can I use Virtuoso Premium products on my fingerboard,  hardware or strings?

We do NOT recommend using Virtuoso Premium Cleaner on anything but finishes. Unprotected wood such as that found on fingerboards should be sparingly treated with boiled linseed oil or lemon oil. Wipe it on and immediately wipe it off. If you leave a large amount on the fingerboard it will absorb it, but it will also release the excess within a few hours and that excess could deaden a new set of strings.

Virtuoso Premium Polish may be used on hardware if applied with a light touch. It is good for removing fingerprint oil on plated metal parts. Again, the rule of “less is more” applies here. Use very small amount applied with very little pressure.                           

Don’t use our products on strings at any time.

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