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Polished with Virtuoso Premium Polish

Feedback from our Awesome Customers:

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I ordered and received both the Virtuoso Premium Cleaner & Premium Polish very promptly down here in Australia, and could hardly wait to get to work on my treasured Les Paul’s, and their two other workmates; a 2005 Fender Telecaster 1962 Reissue & 1991 Takamine EN10 Acoustic. Please find four attached photos of my best friends after their cosmetic procedures.

Primarily I have a 1991 Gibson Les Paul Custom ’57 Black Beauty Reissue that’s naturally seen plenty of mileage over the years, despite always keeping her as well-maintained as possible, and a 1994 Gibson Les Paul Standard Gibson 50th Anniversary Rare Candy Apple Red model. I was astounded with the stunning difference of just first using the Cleaner, as it alone deducted 10 years of ‘age’ by itself on both LP’s. I also used a very small amount on their ebony fretboards to test, and again was thrilled how quickly and thoroughly clean they became compared to the now ‘blackened’ cloth I was using.

The Cleaner’s overall results alone were already light years better than anything I’d used before, so the anticipated Premium Polish was next. Sweating up a storm with a labour of love, I hand polished according to the bottle’s instructions and when finished literally sat there with my jaw dropped in amazement at these already lovely Les Paul’s that turned ‘mirror sheen new’ within 20 minutes. Unless looking extremely closely, nearly all lines and normal ageing disappeared to a high gloss shine, restoring the Black Beauty’s black and the Candy Apple Red’s red to their full glory again. I was giggling like a schoolgirl and completely dumbstruck because the results of using your Premium Cleaner & Polish are nothing short of miraculous in my opinion. Give these people a medal!

Count me in amongst an ever growing longer line of loyal Virtuoso Premium Cleaner & Virtuoso Premium Polish users for life. You are without a doubt the very best and everyone should know!

Namaste, Rand Bowman


“While not a vintage, I recently used your cleaner and polish on a ’90s Gibson ES-135. It came out beautifully and posted before/after pics on The ReRanch Guitar Restoration and Refinishing Forum. I’m a regular there and a nitro junkie! Hopefully this will send some more folks your way!”
Here’s the link to the post:
Kevin S

“I received my cleaner and polish last week and used both products on my Guild DV52. This guitar has a nitrocellulose finish and though I’m not sure I really needed the cleaner the instrument is fourteen years old and all I’d ever used was a damp cloth. In any case I cleaned and polished the guitar according to your instructions and as we say here in the deep south, “ Yeah Buddy!” This guitar looks and feels amazing and it may be just me but I think it even sounds better. I’m adding your product to my short list of stuff that actually does what it’s supposed to do. At the risk of repeating myself, “Yeah Buddy!” ”
Dennis L., Inverness, FL


“Wow, that was quick. The shipping to Sweden took only 4 days! I know it isn’t meant for guitars with a non-gloss finish, but that’s only if you wanna keep’em non-glossy 🙂 I just finished cleaning my les paul standard faded with this stuff and now the whole guitar looks like the shiny areas it got from where my arm usually rests….It really made the flames in the top look deeper but it didn’t take away the faded look that i want. Now it really looks like an old guitar, but an old guitar someone took good care of! I wanna keep your stuff my secret, but i think i’ll start telling everyone i know tomorrow!”

Mattias J., Sweden


“Your products are the best I’ve ever tried to keep my guitars surface in optimal condition.”

Arne B, Danndorf, Germany


“I received my first order last week and to say I am impressed is an understatement. Previously I have tried virtually every product on the UK market but have never found anything that cuts through that inground haze that most instruments accumulate. I am  looking forward to working through my collection with your products!  Many Thanks!”

Chris S., United Kingdom


“Unbelievable stuff, Virtuoso Polish & Cleaner. I have been looking for a guitar cleaning system for thirty years now and finally found it. I told the guy that recommended it behind the counter not to let any one out of here with out buying some. Everything  else I used to use, in the trash! This stuff is really great. Thank you for making such a great product!”

Richard Poole, Guitar Player for Three Amigos


“Utterly speechless! I’ve played guitar/violin/mandolin for around 18 years and have strived to keep my instruments in nice (yet honest) condition. I like age. Age is good, but, dirt and grime and generaly filthiness is BAD!!! I called you after “happening” by your page in a yahoo search and decided this just MIGHT be the thing to take about 50 years of rough play crud off of a ’39 Gibson J-35 that i lucked into. Wow is all I can really say, it did take off AT LEAST 40 years in Sweat discoloration (that black’ish haze that tends to build up and stay on even when you clean it)! Other than that i can only claim speechless-ness. Just wow. THANK YOU again for taking the time to discuss the use of it, whether or not you thought it would do the trick, and just being so generally helpful overall (not just in your product, but your opinions on how I could best use it as well). I’m still stunned, but very… VERY happy.

Jason H., Young Harris, GA

“Dear Virtuoso – I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the performance of your Cleaner and Polish. About 10 years ago during a  semi-drunken jam session with some buddies, I banged my beloved Gibson acoustic against a painted deck chair leaving two rather unsightly white paint scrapes on the back. I’ve tried everything (within reason, of course – Naptha, other cleaners/polishes, car wax) to remove them over the years and resigned myself to the thought that the damage was permanent. I bought your Cleaner and Polish on a whim and hoped it might lessen the appearance of the paint marks. I applied the Cleaner according to your directions and in about 10 seconds the paint marks completely disappeared. My jaw dropped – this was oil-based exterior house paint, tough stuff. The $10 invested in your Cleaner added back at least $50-$100 of value to that guitar. It more than paid for itself in one use…   The Polish added back a nice sheen, and made the sticky neck glide like new. Plays like a dream now!

Thanks again – I’ll certainly be buying more when the times comes!”

Mike E., Portland, OR


“I just wanted to drop you a line and add my comments about your fine products. I recently purchased a 1967 Hagstrom Viking from Folkway Music in Guelph, Ontario Canada. At the same time I purchased Virtuoso Cleaner and Polish because I have been reading about it on web sites and in Vintage Guitar Magazine for several years. Time to try it, right? Well; the cleaning and polishing system made my Hagstrom gleam like it just left the factory in Sweden. Today, I gave my 1972 Gibson ES-325 a good going over with the products. What a beautiful job it did on the walnut finish. The gibby has never looked better. I took my time and used clean soft clothes and Q-tips and it took more than an hour to complete the Gibson; but the results are just stunning! Thanks Virtuoso.”

Frank, Niagara Falls, Canada


“I can’t believe it. My cleaner and polish arrived yesterday. I ran down into my basement right after dinner and started working on my Les Paul. 20 minutes later I had a like new finish on my guitar!!!! Oh my God, what a shine! The guitar was apparently lightly soiled all over, taking the sheen away from the finish. It looks like the guitar was stripped and resprayed to new condition. Everyone out there with a Gibson needs to throw out the Gibson, Dupont, Martin and every other wax and cleaner product they have because they are inferior! I have used everything at least once.
This is the bomb!”

Bill B., Darnestown, MD


“I wanted to let you know that I received my order today of the cleaner and the polish. OH MY GOD!! The cleaner took off 20 years of dirt, grime, and all the other stuff that I used to use, and I can’t ever remember my guitar looking so good. I am needing to use more than the recommended amount, because so much dirt is coming off, that the second time I apply the polish, I am left with a clean, deep, finish. I am so glad that I clicked on your link and tried your product. I wished I owned a large guitar store, as yours would be the only cleaner I would stock. I am that impressed. I really can’t ever remember having my guitar look this good.
Thanks again, and for what it is worth – you have a customer for life”.

Paul E., Pensacola, FL


“I had never heard about your product line until seeing comments about in on In a thread on that website on July 27, 2003, I read about your product and found some shops where I could purchase it. I hustled off to my local guitar shop (Guitar Center in Austin, Texas) and picked up both the cleaner and polish and proceeded to try it out on four different brands of guitar (Gibson, Epiphone, Gretsch, and Fender). It was GREAT! Some of the folks “chatting” on Voxtalks then mentioned NuFinish as a less expensive and easier/better alternative to your product. In order to provide a fair, side-by-side comparison for my fellow “VoxTalkers”, I purchased some of the NuFinish (at a local auto parts store, now how can that be good for my guitars?). I then proceeded to polish half of a 1999 Fender American Stratocaster and a 1994 “40th Anniversary” Fender  Stratocaster with the Virtuoso Polish and the other half with NuFinish. The side-by-side results were obvious! The Virtuoso Polish removed the fine scratches from the finish and left a very deep, brilliant shine on my red Anniversary Model. The white 1999 Strat’s finish looked like glass!!! The finish that was polished with the NuFinish did not shine as brilliantly, nor were the fine scratches buffed out. So Virtuoso Cleaner and Polish convinced me (plus it smells a lot better than the NuFinish!). Count me as a new, loyal user of your products”.

Les G., Austin, TX


“I just wanted to say Thanks for a great product! After cleaning my one year old Gibson ES 335 with a competitors product and polishing with the Gibson polish, my guitar (recently purchased from e-bay) looked terrible. Surface scratches, hazy film, etc. I read about your product in Vintage Guitar magazine so I thought I would give it a try. I bought the cleaner and the polish, and all I can say is WOW! The guitar looks amazing, surface scratches and haze are totally gone. I am telling all my guitar collecting buddies how great your product is. I even reviewed you on
Keep up the good work! Thanks again”.

Peter D., New York, NY


“I used the polish and cleaner over the weekend and was “very” impressed with the results. The cleaner removed some spots that I could not remove previously.The guitar looks showroom new now and has a very luxurious feel to the finish as well. Thanks for the high quality products, they perform exactly as advertised and provide outstanding results”.

Larry V., Sutton, MA


“Many guitar polishes can cloud an older finish rather than improve appearence. My preferred polish and cleaner-especially for older finishes- is Virtuoso”.

Roger Sadowsky of Sadowsky Guitars in NY when asked by Scott Shiraki of Bass Player Magazine which cleaning system Roger prefers
for vintage finishes and care. March 2002 issue, page 68.


“I picked up a bottle of Virtuoso Polish and tried one more application of the Virtuoso Cleaner on my D-28. The swirls and streaks were now gone, but the finish was dull. One coat of Virtuoso Polish took care of that! The guitar looks brand new. Virtuoso Polish and Cleaner are the best guitar finish products I have used in my 40 years of playing. I’ll have no problem recommending your products to my friends and relatives. Your products are the best and your promptness and obvious care about your customers is outstanding. Thank you!”

Mark B. Bridge City, LA


“I’ve used most brands of instrument polish out there and never felt the need to commend the makers of any of them. In fact, for the most part I actively disliked virtually every brand I’d tried. Too gummy, streaky or filmy.  After seeing your ads in Vintage Guitar, I stopped at MARS in Indianapolis and bought bottles of your Premium Cleaner and Premium Polish.Not having any truly vintage pieces at home to try it on, I went after some nasty sweat and skin oil spots on my gorgeous Collings MT2 SB mandolin. Nothing I’ve ever used has cleaned grime and human gunk off a finish faster or better. The polish went on and dried beautifully, leaving just the right shine. Needless to say, my mandolin looks great and I happily used Virtuoso on my other instruments with equal success.Hey, it’s just instrument polish, but it works beautifully. You’ve made a convert out of me”.

David M. via email


“Your products are great! That cleaner is something else.Period. I collect and restore quite a few vintage pieces.I think I’ve used practically everything to “get the grunge off” these old pieces. Not till I used your cleaner (and polish) on a ’48 L-7 was I converted. The guitar had apparently sat in a smoke-filled home for decades. It wasn’t yellowed, it was nicotine-browned. It took several applications and some hours but the result was the “rebirth” or “unveiling” of a beautiful archtop. Next restorations A ’78 335, a ’62 jaguar, and an 80’s Explorer. Thanks, again”.

Eric P. Martinsville, IN.


“Since I have been using Virtuoso Polish and Cleaner, I like to just look at my guitars almost as much as I like to play them. Actually, looking at them makes me want to play them. Hey, this is working out pretty good! Thanks Virtuoso”.

Skip Dorsey
Guitar Player for Justin Timberlake
Formerly Music Director and Guitar Player for Britney Spears


“Virtuoso”!!! This polish really works…and funny, considering that I had an all white bass built for Britney’s Tour. The dirt remover and the gloss shine works well together”.

Fred Mollings
Bass Player, Britney Spears Band


“Virtuoso Polish saved my favorite guitar (one I have owned for nearly 25 years). I used some citrus cleaner on a beloved but very grungy ’68 ES335 and it stripped the finish right off. A local repair chick fixed it and used your stuff on it. I can still feel the spot where the finish was stripped (an everlasting reminder not to be an idiot) but I can’t SEE it. The Virtuoso products literally saved my favorite guitar”.

Bill Evans, Editor In Chief
Gig Magazine


“The first thing I did when I received the polish and cleaner was to clean and polish my 1967 TeleStar Semi-Acoustic Teardrop bass (my very first bass I bought in 1967). Over the years, it has seen its fair share of use and the finish had gotten pretty dirty.I am very meticulous about my collection and try to keep them clean and as close to mint condition as possible. I was impressed with the job of the cleaner but when I added the polish, I could not believe the shine. It was like new again! Needless to say, I spend the next couple of hours cleaning the rest of my bass collection. Thank you!”.

Jon C., Toronto, Canada


“The Virtuoso Cleaner and Polish system provides the best results for giving your musical instrument the greatest opportunity to allow the natural finish to shine through. I have used it on a used Dean Razor NT, an old gigged out Gibson Hummingbird, a used Alvarez PC50SC, a used Hernandis classical and a violin. The results are just incredible! Absolutely no finish damage…cuts through years of residue.  The system is foolproof. For a satin sheen, use only the Cleaner. For a glossier look, use the Polish as well. I keep buying the system to give to my musical friends. Everyone raves about Virtuoso. Makes a great gift for any musician with a finished wood instrument. You won’t find a better product out there. There is no reason to allow your instrument’s finish to fade from light or  environmental pollution. Use it regularly…takes just minutes to apply. I just cleaned and polished a guitar before work this morning.. it is fun to see the quick and great results! I have tried the rest…now try the best”!

Bob G., Dalton, GA


“Thanks to Tommy Salomone at Music Arts Enterprises in Fort Lauderdale, FL for introducing me to Virtuoso Premium Polish. He knows how particular I am with my Les Pauls and because of him, they now look absolutely outstanding”!

Mark R., Fort Lauderdale, FL


“I have now used your Virtuoso Cleaner and Polish on a number of my vintage Hagstrom guitars, and I am very impressed with the results! I can honestly say those are the best products of their type that I have ever used. The combination of the cleaner and polish really leaves the instruments looking just fantastic. Once again, I am most impressed with your products”.

Bill T., Michigan


“Just wanted to drop you a note on the cleaner and polish, which I received a little while back. On older finishes, years of solidified grime completely unremovable by other products came off with the cleaner. The polish brought the finish back to its lustrous self. Remarkably, original finishes do not seem to be rubbed off by your products. What an enormous surprise – what did you put in that stuff? Some amazing chemistry going on in your juice. You have a very happy customer in Manila, Philippines. Unless some of these 64 guitars start growing hair in a month or so, everything is as advertised”.

Andy L., Manila, Philippines


“I’ve purchased and used your guitar polish on my Collings D2H in the last month and I am very very pleased at the fact that my guitar looks brand new. I will continue to use Virtuoso Polish”.

Thomas W., The Woodlands, TX


“I am so glad Virtuoso is back on the market.It is by far  the best Cleaner and Polish that I’ve ever used. The finish on my 1971 Les Paul Gold top really came to life when I started using your product”.

Dave M., Burbank, CA


“Ordered some on Friday and it showed up on Monday! Tried it on my HD-28 and and ’82 ES-335 with excellent results! This stuff is for real”.

Terry S., East Bend, NC


“An impressive cleaning indeed! The Virtuoso Premium Polish & Cleaner give me confidence my instrument will look cool every time I pull it out of the case”.

Bob Wood, Associate Publisher
Musicians Hotline


“I just couldn’t seem to get the fingerprints and smudges off of my guitar until I tried Virtuoso polish.This stuff really works. Thank you all for suggesting the polish and thank you Virtuoso for making such a fine product”!

Lou M., Mesa, AZ


“Received my Virtuoso cleaner and polish on Monday and tried them on my Collings Guitars tonight. Great stuff. I was quite impressed”.

Jeff H., Eugene, OR


“Virtuoso Polish is very good! It is my favorite!”

Mr. Oshima, Japan


“I have been using your products for several years and have been happy with the results”.

Henry B., Memphis, TN


“Thanx for the shine. I got home and started using it immediately! This stuff is the best!”

Billy H., Houston, TX


“The Virtuoso Premium Cleaner works great to remove surface dirt and scratches. This is the best product of its type”.

John H., Bakersfield, CA


“This stuff is great! Everything in the description of the polish is true. Just rewipe and prints and grime are gone!”

Rick E., Downers Grove, IL